USD$ 11,862

Free processing fees for Stripe

From Co-founder JoinSecret

I decided only to email you when I add significant value. It’s not an easy decision because marketing ‘experts’ write endless posts about what to do for content.

My Linkedin feed is full of posts written the exact same way to leverage the algorithm. I’m so tired of this. Do you feel the same? Less is more. Duh.

So. Let’s take a look at our latest presents:

– €10,000 in waived processing fees for Stripe to charge your customers the easiest way (existing customers are eligible for that offer!)

– 50% off across Team plans for Webflow to build websites the modern way (only for startups teams – 2 to 15 users)

– 6 months free on 1Password to manage all passwords from one place (I can’t imagine a life without a password manager)

– 50% off on Pro plan (lifetime!) for ViralStat, the all-in-one tool for cross-platform social video analytics

– 50% across all plans for Userback to collect fast visual feedback  Other great deals are currently in the works: Hubspot, Integromat, Microsoft (Azure + Office 365).

Yay! Stay tuned.